Sam the Deaf

My Nintendo DS have cracked!!!

Holy Smoke!, Video Game

My phat Nintendo DS have finally crack. 🙁 I’m weep over my portable video game system. Look like it’s time for me to buy lite DS which is so slim like sexy whatever I can afford it.

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  • Lisa C.

    How did your DS get cracked? I still have my old DS and its still good. Let me know how you like a new Lite DS when you get it.

  • To answer your question, my phat DS have been cracked because I must have not closed lid in right way in million time. Whoops.

  • Now, it’s time for you to buying new DS Lite as soon as possible even if you dislike DS Lite at all. Mwahahaha!!!!!

  • this is truly a sad day!

  • Lisa C.

    Did you get a new Nintendo DS Lite yet? I bought one for myself 2 weeks ago because I was afraid the Nintendo might discontinue producting any more. Now most store ran out of them.

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