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iTunes: Closed Caption have been hint!

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First, I would like to said how glad I have hear about Apple introduce new iPod line called “iPod Touch” which have 3.5″ display, that ought be good viewable for anything include subtitle. I thought that device look so sexy and awesome, but no camera. That’s okay. I have my own digital camera. It’s always better than cell phone or PDA with camera. Right? Anyway….

Someone mention about iTunes 7.4 update that have Closed Caption features since QuickTime 7.2 update. I rush and update to check out lately update. It looks like they have make quite small step. It had been a year. Take a good look on some sample I took on screenshot.

Actually, that information is little mislead how to turn CC on.

See what I show you which is an error? However, it prove that there is CC feature.

Silencer, Law & Order: CI (Season 6)

So far, I have playing around on iTunes to find out through store if there any CC or subtitle support like seen on DVD cases’ back for information. Sadly to information, there is NONE even mention. That mean, it’s up to studios that should put CC or not. I wait for them doing that… Maybe we have to bully around with several studio to encourage some bandwidth to turn on/off for us, deaf to watch in portable instead big fat laptop.

For some previous, I have wrote about iTunes/iPod with CC in past…
» iTunes betray us I and II
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*** UPDATE ***

There are two video that said Closed Captioning. I download to test to play. It doesn’t appear anything on computer. That’s disappointment. And I wish it’s TV or movie, not music video. Ugh. I felt so dirty.

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  • I saw those 2 videos too, but then read that there’s no captions so I didn’t buy them.

    If the captions really are CLOSED then they won’t need to have multiple copies (closed caption) and not CC. But I really DO hope they get a labeling system so we know, or have the CC show up when you preview.

  • I disagree, with Sara.
    You see, some videos/dvd’s are captioned but the captioning will wear out, much faster than the video, itself.
    Also, when I’ve watched a DVD, where both captioning and subtitles are available, I’ve watch both and found that subtitles include more…such as the background sounds.
    When the captioning is poorly typed, the subtitles are better. I just wonder what would happen, if they began subtitling the evening news, where the spelling is horrendous!!!

  • Gary,

    I think you have confuse between subtitle and captioning. Please visit Banjo’s about SDH and CC.

  • This is my implementation in compliance with the recently supported CC standard with iTunes/QuickTime movies. I also included a “how to” video for adding CC…