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Movie Theatre forget turn Caption ON!

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My friend, Eddie and I went to watch movie: The Simpson movie. So far, we thought it’s so funny. Most of laughable we haven’t seen for a while since television series have running for long time.

However, we find very disappointment in first 5-10 minutes of the movie as we realize there isn’t OC (open-captioning) ON. Accord on the newspaper or Regal Entertainment Group’s website, it suppose be schedule to have caption! I was about going to see manager but instead, Eddie go ahead to see and talk to them, since it’s was easy for him who able to talk well. For few mintues, he comes back, and then we wait for few minutes until the caption have turned ON.

It seem waste our value time spend on ticket to watch movie. So, after the movie, we went to see manager and complain about why we do not see caption in early. Turn out that they’re offer refund as we get our money back since the whole movie have ruin our experience in the whole entire of this movie.

That doesn’t happen to us for first time or only in Regal Entertainment Group. It also happens to AMC Theatres running with RWC (rear window captions) which we were there couple months ago on other movie. I felt that these staffs didn’t take responsible to track on schedule follow by both theatre companies. Does that happen to you before?

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  • Yes, it happened to me before when the movie end up without open caption for a whole movie, I got frustrated as well as other deaf viewers. And the manager made an apology about that and offered us the free ticket for next movie. It was back to Fall of 1998. Sad, eh?

  • It happened twice to me. And I made it clear to them that it is not acceptable. And of course, i got the refunds.

    You gotta keep pressing on them from time to time when they botched it.


  • deafscribbler

    worst screwup I ever saw was at seeing Terminator 3 about 2 years ago… first they showed the movie backwards– the computer reel was in backwards, then no captioning… so we had to wait until movie was completely over to watch the first 15 min with captions. And we also got free tickets to see another movie there. It was AMC movie theater before rvc started there.

  • Bill

    ok, I am trying not to be defensive.

    I work for a different theatre chain, but the situations are the same. There are one or two projectionists for 14-20 screens. It’s hard for them to know what is going on, if nobody tells them. At some point there should be someone to do a theatre checks, to make sure that all are running correctly, but someone who is not sensitive to deaf issues might not notice the lack of captions.

    OK, got the defensiveness out of the way.
    You are doing the right thing to let them know as soon as possible, and they are doing all they can to make up for their mistakes.

    And if it happens at one of our theatres, ….(shakes fist at projectionist) šŸ™‚

  • Sam

    We think that we ask FCC and higher level orginzations to re-license for movies, TV brodcasts, etc… that they should learn and got good habits that they always make video, audio, Open/Closed Caption and AD ( for blind fans) before releasing the

    Therefore they will not forgot for us.


  • raikarma

    hola.. i decide to check out ur website to see what’s up on ur update.. what a horrible experience what did u/ur friend eddic went thru.. nope, it haven’t happen to me yet.. hope not! i know that can be frustrating for us, as Deafie viewers..