Sam the Deaf

In Chicago: Day 2

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  • Amanda and I loved Giordano’s. That’s the true pizza! How can it be that Levi finds everything boring? Therefore he must be boring. Keep hitting him with not beer but with vodka, then ja! maybe he will see the world in different eyes.

  • Haha, I don’t feel like I am no longer “God of STFU” because it already died out on me. And yes, it’s an old joke.

    To Chris, it’s a joke about me think that Chicago is bored. In other words, I am really enjoying Chicago big time. And I don’t need a vodka or beer to see the world in different eyes.

  • deafscribler

    Very nice vlog… I like the use of map but wish you could do red line like Indiana Jones movies lol

    And did I forget to tell you to change “brunch” to “bunch”? (for “bunch of skyscrapers” I saw it in your email and thought I changed it. Oh well.