Sam the Deaf

How far we walked in Chicago for day 1?

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Sam, Eddie and Levi have walk from Start (Union Station) to End (Return back to Union Station) for 8.09 miles, followed by Earth Google with Rules’ Path tool.

Please click the image for full map and path we walked.

Our legs were awful sore. heh.

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  • Melissa

    DANG! O_O

  • I am going to sue you for make me walk for over 8.09 miles over my limit and damage my knee! Just kidding! 😉

  • deafscribbler

    Ahh Levi was fine 2 days later 8-P

  • You beat Wii for work out. hahaha.

  • deafscribber, I wasn’t fine until three or four (not two) days later!