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Deaf accessible train in Chicago

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For deaf who plan visit in Chicago and use Metra train.

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  • Yeah. Did you know CTA bus have deaf accessible too? I was there train and CTA bus before. It is deaf friendly.

  • deafie

    thanks for the info. i am planning to visit chicago tomorrow. i live on the west side of the usa and i dont know about chicago and hope to have fun there. thanks again for info about the train.

  • raikarma

    How nice… I never took any subway anyway…

  • c

    That’s nice. They did not have that when I was working in Chicago ten years ago. DC’s Metro does not have that. I was just out in DC a few weeks ago and rode the METRO and I had to rely on metro map and figure out when my next stop is or look outside to see which station we pulled in.

    Airlines should have something similar. The information they have by their terminal in the boarding area does not change or give out similar information that most last min voice announcement makes. I got delayed for six hours and the depature screen did not show the three flights that was delayed….nothing nada so I had to approach the boarding area airline worker every time I heard announcement being made. What if I was totally deaf? Turns out the flight was delayed every hour until it’s departure six hours later. what a nervewrecking experince for me.

  • >re: post by chris
    yeah, chris is right, but sadly, it doesn’t always work 10 percent of time, which is not too bad.

    but LOOK NORTHBROOK! thats the stop i get off to go to work!

  • Lee


    I thought MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) was the only one that provides deaf accessible subways and buses.

    It’s good to know that CTA also provides exactly what MBTA has. 🙂

  • Deaf Bostonian

    Cool!! I thought the same thing as Lee did. Never seen any other transportation authorities, besides MBTA, that provide accessibility for deaf passengers.

    Hats off to Boston and Chicago!

  • Alan Jeffers

    it is kwel for sign for hc and deaf i hope it will influnce another states by ada laws for train it great begining in chicago ill it good show on veido and it will look up wow and what next will be same thing like train but mostly stop and see the sign outside can tell but just relax and make sure closed caption sign in train next stop i like that really easy for everyone

  • John

    Its good tool to show displays closed caption for the deaf and hard of hearing people on the trains,subways in all USA areas.

  • MR

    I live in Chicago. I have not seen these signs on every Metra trip. I saw the captions the first couple of times I rode the Metra, but not the last several times. I think it depends on which section of the train you sit in? I’ll ask next time I ride which will be in about a week.