Chanelle Dunn

A Public Bathroom Incident for the Usher

I'm Deaf


Another funny bathroom incident: At a Kloset Killa Boutique modeling rehearsal, I had to use the restroom badly. Again, the restroom is not an individual one; it has multiple stalls. So we looked for a female employee to escort. There was none. So we asked a male employee to guard the restroom while Sam goes in with me. He froze. He apparently didn’t understand.

We were stuck and lost. I was desperate. Sam thought of something; he checked the door and peeked inside to confirm there was no one in there. Then he happily escorted me into the restroom and locked the door! I giggled while I quickly used the restroom. Boy… don’t take your vision for granted. xoxo.

A side note: We used an employee storage room for me to change, while other models changed in the restroom. Geez. Another funny challenge to tackle. 😉

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