Sam the Deaf

In Chicago: no vlog!

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There is no video today during the long busy day at downtown Chicago and tomorrow. You may look up on my Google’s Pisacaweb at

Hopefully there will be vlog on this Saturday evening.

By the way, today (Friday) is our last day to spend in Chicago and will leave Sat morning back home. de la de la…

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  • raikarma

    Sound sooo exhausting trips in Chicago!!! Nice pic on subway.. Enjoy your last day there! 🙂

  • raikarma

    u guy must’ve been soooo exhausting.. enjoy ur last day there in mafia’s hometown, chicago.. xoxo.. a.

  • Julieinportland

    I never knew you can go up in the St. Louis Arch. That would freak me out! I hope your feet are not stinking up the subway!

  • >rakarma & julieinportland

    its not “L” subway train that hes sitting in, its Metra train.

    but anyway sorry that i couldnt make it to see you guys 🙁 hope you had fun!