Sam the Deaf

Road Trip: Chicago III

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  • Bradley Goodyear

    interesting to see different city/town across the MO and OLK. One day I will drive across Canada and the Unitied States

  • very nice video! i have been to that same McDonnald’s and to the arch! isn’t it so cool! i hope you guys all had a great time, looks like you did!

  • deafscribbler

    why pick on Eddie Bart for driving stick shift? He’s a very nice guy!

    BTW nice bedhead lol

  • Amber Herrig

    Awesome to see you are having a great time on your road trip. Seems like you are doing great site-seeing!!! Too bad you’re not coming to Minnesota 😉 Have fun in Chicago. I look forward to more Vblogs

  • Looks alot of fun!!

    Did you use camera as video then upload during wifi or use your palm device hook up with laptop?


  • thank everybody…

    Grant, I use my digital camera: Canon SD200 and I use my both friends’ ISP hook up to my laptop.