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DVD’s subtitle in HDTV got a problem….

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I watch the DVD movie called The Stings with widescreen. It would fit awesome HDTV in 16:9. I find disappointment that DVD movie doesn’t support Closed caption. Of course, I have known there are few DVD don’t have subtitle available either! At least, this DVD do have subtitle option as I turn it on. And I change the display from standard size as 4:3 into 16:9 that would match on HDTV widescreen as theatre experience. However, I haven’t thought of the problem show up in HDTV with DVD. There is a problem that subtitle appear in wrong position and being half cut on the screen. Here are pictures

Notice different? I know it’s so nice when you see on standard TV without worry while HDTV have some problem since I brought HDTV. I have thought about return and get new latest SDTV with ATSC built-in. Keep thing simple and look great on everything I can be satisfactory in entertainment.

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  • The best I can do is stick with my old tv with closed caption chip inside along with a vcr player. And I may not be ready for HDTV or SDTV with ATSC yet. Because HDTV-support television shows are very new and will take time to becomes a national-wide or world-wide compatible shows…eventually. Every technology always have its own pros and cons.

  • Nothing to wrong with LCDTV. Most dvd are not friendy for subtitle on 16:9.

    Levi, no matter what kind TV you own. I own lot movie and some of them do not have CC. TV do nothing with that.

  • Hi,

    Yes I have noticed that and it drove me NUTS. I’m huge widescreen fan and I get frustrated sometime when some DVD movies that do not provide closed caption. Then that means, I have to change to standard to play subtitle so I can read it.

    I believe it is not legal and it should be fixed, has anyone bought it up with DVD makers to point that issue out?


  • I just watch tv last night and I grab my mobile to take a picture.
    It is widescreen and no problem.

  • Kim

    I respectally agreed with Levi’s comments regarding to HDTV. I realized that I have to wait for CCs system in new HDTVs are 100% compatible. That’s why I decided not to buy a HDTV right away until CC issues are resolved first. What’s more I don’t want to waste my time or money if I find it very frustrating with the HDTV issues.