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Are you, deaf, plan to get new TV? BEWARE!

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Speak about television that already include Closed Caption (CC) at every market that been required under FCC that the display, at least 13″, able to provide the CC for hearing impaired. However, there are new technology lately include fancy remote to make easy for everybody.

However, I have thought myself what I had seen or hear vary new television have more difficult to turn CC. Some television required to turn by remote, not under the meuns button from the television. That’s kind surprise me. And I aware that most hotel have remote and there is easy button that said “CC” to turn it on. I can notice there is no button on television to turn. But WHAT IF the remote broke? Holy cow, You’re struck! Probably end buy decode CC box like old time.

Of course, you can get universal remote control but would that work? I don’t know, thing cannot be compromise you 100% that there will control what you want. So, whatever you decide to buy new television at any store… Please check both remote and button on telvision to make sure these much easy for you. 😉

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  • Kim Ward

    I found this to be true at a hotel I stayed recently– a Hilton in NM. They got brand new TV’s. Every night I wanted to watch TV and the captions would not work. They kept sending a man up to our room to fix the captions, but no one in the hotel could make the captions work. The remote CC buttons would not make the captions work and the CC was not on the menu button when you brought up the menu for the TV!! It was very, very frustrating!! We stayed there for four nights. When we left I complained to the hotel mgr. I told him how angry I was and that the ADA specified captioned TV’s! That this was NOT a new law, that this bill had been passed in July of 1990. You know what he said? “The laws says we have to provide captioned TV’s, not that we have to know how to operate them.” GRRRRR! If nobody in his frickin hotel can figure it out, how am I supposed to?!?!

  • purtle

    Yes, I was stuck and unable to turn on CC on tv when my remote was packed in the boxes. Now I know and will be sure to look for button “CC” on tv.

  • Ken Breen

    I have DirecTV and subscribe to the MLB Extra Innings. The programming comes with “enhancements” from DTV. Enhacements, only if you are NOT deaf. They interfer or override the closed captions part of the program. The only way to receive captions is if you press the Exit button on your remote control. I only discovered this after PLBSWH experimenting. But what if I’m taping a game, and there is no one home to Exit the DTV garbage, er, enhancements? Right, my tape comes out useless to me, without the closed captions I need for full enjoyment of the programming I’ve paid my money for! I’ve tried leaving the set top receiver turned on all day and tuned to the station I want to tape. That didn’t get the captions for my game either.

  • last weekend, I stay at Holiday Inn Express in Houston. I notice there is TV which is quiet nice. One button for CC right there on television set. Wonderful! I don’t have to look around on remote.