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Closed Caption on iOS 7

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I was exciting to see new design of iOS on my iPhone 5. I wonder what’s new features on Closed Caption/Subtitle is like. Let’s go on Settings > General > Accessibility > Subtitles & Captioning.


Subtitles & Captioning come with “SDH” (Subtitle for Deaf and Hard of Hearing), that’s new to me. Look like the new incoming movies and TV shows with SHD available from iTunes at anytime in short future. Anyway, let’s go to Style and see what it offer…



Wow, that features is similar concept as our HDTV that allow us to custom the font style by our individual prefer. That would make much comfortable! The large text is PLUS on iPhone and iPod for some people who have difficult to read. That’s great!


As you know where to find subtitle icon under the video player app, it’s huge new design and simple visual. As you can see there is Closed Caption/Subtitle icon on down-right corner to turn OFF, AUTO and ON. I prefer to leave it as ON.



Unfortunately, the custom font on color isn’t available. Obviously, it’s coming soon in future with new digital CC, I believe which is similar concept on HDTV. I’m looking forward on new incoming films/TV shows with improve CC that make more comfortable. iOS7 rocks!

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