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DO NOT get Apple TV

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Apple TV is like another DVR but it work or compatible with iTunes and your TV turn into entertrainment for home. Please don’t get get if you’re deaf or not able to understand the tongue.

I’m just saying that it’s not lousy hardware but there is no closed caption or subtitle support. Since, there is no point you could download through iTunes such as TV and movie. I have told that iPod nor iTunes doesn’t offer closed caption. If you do not wish to use iTunes but as digital record, that’s fine with me. I don’t know how HDMI can be affect to appear or not during the problem I learn that one of my friend who own HD-DVD and use HDMI plug to his beautiful HDTV. It’s unfortunately that Closed Caption doesn’t show up but only subtitle which HD-DVD have optional offer. HDMI isn’t always perfect to carry out the feature but just base video and audio stream go through.

For cheap and affordable, I would suggest you to get Elgato System’s Eyetv Hybrid for Mac or other third-party that has plenty hardware that goes for PC. I plan to get Eyetv Hybrid to see what I would like about, hopefully.

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  • I, myself, have Elgato’s eyeTV 250.

    It fully supports closed captioning. It’s awesome. đŸ™‚

  • Please keep us posted on what does supports captioning. Plus, please do call/e-mail apple about this blog.

  • bob hawbaker

    HDMI has no effect on closed caption. It is the set top (in this case, Apple TV) that is responsible for decoding and displaying the caption before sending the video over HDMI (and also DVI, component).

    Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) has said that the next OS X release (OS X 10.5 Leopard) is supposed to have 608-closed caption support (this is old style caption). I can only assume they have plans to do captioning in the near future when Leopard is released this October.

    I also have EyeTV 500 (discounted), which works great iwth closed captioning on HDTV channels from ATSC or QAM(cable).