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“Listen to popcorn!” But but….

Food, I'm Deaf

popcorn I love to have popcorn as snack while watch movie or for no reason. With the microwave, it wouldn’t make perfect because it’s either give smoking in naught taste or too many unpopping in there. Instruction have resolution to tell us how to prevent from these incident. However…. What it bother me that the instruction from the popcorn pack tell us to listen the popcorn popping getting slow as it’s ready to stop.

That’s problem, we’re deaf and we would have to wear hearing aids or cochlear implant to hear it. What about them who have reason to not wear or feel lazy to wear it? For myself, I would put my hand on the microrwave to feel the popping. For some reason, I feel little fear of getting radiation on my hand and probably become Hulk.

Here is good resolution: download app for your iPhone – Perfect Popcorn that can assist for you to know it’s ready to stop the microwave and enjoy the popcorn. It listens the amount of popping until it’s ready for you to stop the microwave. I did test it. It works GREAT with colorful graphic to watch. You may enjoy it than rather stare at the microwave and probably cause your eyes become Cyclops (X-Men). Anyway, the kernel appear to have about little amount left which is good enough!


If you have most advance microwave, then just forget what I said. Cheerful!

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