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Should Deaf Child Area take down?

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I posted about Deaf Child Area Sign 3 years ago. I feel like I want to share what I thought how I would feel if my parents want to put the sign on street that is base about me. I would feel very embarrass that neighbor would know where I live. And they treat me like special which would be too much for me to handle. As being child, I may not know about it. Ack!

I understand that some parents want to put the cautious sign on street that let drivers know before being reckless action against kid. I know, it sound very thoughtful to make safety for kid. Yet, it seem that parents doesn’t really show the value lesson to teach child to watch out. So, he/she can grow to be more independence!

Yeah, I haven’t post that long time. Hey, you miss me. Thank for visit!

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  • I think Deaf child area sign are pointless. All adult drivers should SLOW down when see any kids no matter what.