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I wish iPhone should have…

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Apple Computer, Inc. have announcement yesterday (Tuesday) that been introduce new phone called iPhone. It like new PDA with whole touch-screen without pen stylus need. I thought it’s so awesome. But after take a good look at their website that show nice details. It seem nice to have some cool features that have Google Maps, SMS, and widgets such as weather status. I love that weather what widgets offer. Web browser is so neat, I could see two different view in horizon or vertical. That’s pretty fun. Ahh, phone gallery, it let me use two finger, just concept as I did on trackpad on my lately iBook. Only it allow me to zoom in/out or something prefernce view. Nice!

I can’t help but to tell something they don’t have that I would like to have as I usually to use on my Treo 700p. Here are few listing, it should be meet my need. That’s only thing I could think of….

  • iChat (AOL Instant Message), I would need it to communicate with most of people who I knew, use AIM alot. Notice that SMS look pretty similar to iChat. Is that possible to turn SMS as chat. I guess.
  • Webcam conference, I thought it should come with it, but I don’t see in there. Just get idea I could see each other but it make sense since it’s EDGE and isn’t enough speed as EV-DO or 3G.
  • Why Cingular? It’s overprice service, I cannot afford it. I thought it’s possible to turn it unlock and use under T-Mobile for frickin cheap rate.
  • Is that really running under Mac OS X? If so, it should let me install software to use in there. Installing Photoshop would be most crazy to put in there.
  • Video! Sure, take picture in 2 megapixels. So nice, but I’m not sure that would allow to use as camcorder to have a personal video. Have you seen in there? Help!
  • Movie or teleivison show seem stay same as current iTunes that doesn’t provide subtitle or closed caption. I think I’ll cry.

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  • iPhone does have iChat, and iChat incorporates AIM, Jabber, and Bonjour. I have iChat on my Mac. It’s not called iChat; it’s called SMS. Hmm… now I see your point. Will it be able to download your buddy list? Well since it’s Mac OS X, it’s should be able to. Good question. I wonder if there is a discussion board or somewhere so that we can ask these questions at Apple.

    I second your captioning concerns (see my blog entry).


    My thoughts exactly. I’m excited about the new Mac Phone, because I have a Mac, and love the idea of being able to sync between my Mac and my phone! FINALLY! But, I don’t like Cingular. Terrible phones, terrible prices, terrible plans, terrible customer service. I really, really like T-Mobile.

    And, of course, movies or TV shows won’t do me any good as I need closed-captioning, too!

    This phone needs many more improvements, or I won’t buy it.

  • Ben Ferrell

    it really nice to see apple to be part of new generation of techology by developed and make for public. iphone is first mobile phone from apple. i know there something that could have added to it before it hit public. for some reason some of stuff like webcam conference and 3g. new 3g system that had been appear in american snice last few years. it not alike to europe’e 3g. the difference between europe and america’s 3g is america’s 3g is not really actual fast as europe. webcam conference require high speed connect service. edge is only like halfway to america’s 3g. edge’s service is almost equal to 2.5g.

    my opiniopn about it. it really nice handheld device but it apple”s first mobile phone product. i am sure there will be lot of problem and glitch pop up and need to be fix and patching. i would like get if they have good solid record with that many new future product mobile phone. i can expect cingular to get that oppunity to service that product due of rival with tmobile. tmobile have been really good solid service with handheld like Blackberry and danger’s hiptop( well know as Sidekick)

  • Cingular’s how much a month?

    As far as I know and triple-checked for new hand-helds, PDA or new qwerty pagers, T-Mobile provides monthly unlimited service for email and web-usage for $29.99. And 300 text messages/AIM/pictures per month. I knew I usually go over 100 text messages per week, thousands AIM messages per week, and about 50 pictures per month. No way that 300 would be enough for me!! So I asked about the text/AIM/pictures plan, T-Mobile said it is another $14.99!

    PDA/Handheld/qwerty pagers serviced under T-Mobile are going to be $45 per month if you want everything unlimited!

    The only service I know that includes ALL features in a monthly plan of $29.99 is ONLY for T-Mobile’s Sidekick I/II/III pagers.

  • Cat Ross

    I’ve been doing major research on the iPhone lately, and…

    1. Apple says they aren’t allowing any other third-party software for the iPhone.
    2. There is no video capability. The camera can only take pictures, but no videos.
    3. It will be possible to have movies and music videos on the iPhone, but bear in mind that one full-length movie will probably gobble up 1 GB of your capacity. In addition, the OS X software the iPhone comes with will use .5 GB capacity. meaning if you buy a 4-gig model, you’re really only getting 3.5-gig.
    4. Battery life is 5 hours for internet use and phone use. It’s 16 hours for iPod-use.

  • I did some checking around.

    Cingular service is about 50 dollars a month. It also comes with a voice plan. The rumor I’ve heard is that Cingular and Apple are trying to strike up a deal. If agreed, anyone who wants to buy an iPhone will have to commit and sign a 5-year contract with Cingular!

    Forget it.

  • 5-year contract? iPhone would be already outdate. How bore! heh.

  • Your mom

    you can’t afford Cingular but you can afford a 5/600 dollar phone

    ~your mom

  • twallclimber

    alright for those you dont like cingular’s plan, you dont know that cingular provides TAP(text accessibility plan) to deaf mobile users. it costs 30 dollars a month that includes unlimited internet plan with 5000 text msgs and .40 per min for voice. personally i have 8125. i m very happy with it. it has great network which is far better than tmobile’s network. my deaf friends have blackjacks and 8525s. they are happy with TAP which they can afford. good luck…

    if you want to know more about TAP under cingular – here is…