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Speak English or NO Soup for you!

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I haven’t saying much about politic thing for a while time. The interest thing I saw on FoxNEWS that mention that in Ohio, the owner put the sign said “For service speak English”. That seem like a new discrimination. What about the outside countires who would be on tourist? What about deaf that must SPEAK english instead WRITE english? Hey, I’m taking English too seriously. 😀

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  • When I was a kid, I was told that many hearing people cannot read and write.

  • Amy

    The owner had every right to post that sign because his building was not a state run facility and he is patriotic about America and the dominent language is ENGLISH as opposed to spanish or any other language. He is tired of immigrants (especially illegal) coming to America and refusing to learn the national language. I agree with him. Speak English, or get the hell out of America. 😛 It doesn’t matter if you’re deaf, you can still WRITE in English on paper. (ASL is close enough because it’s “american”)

  • Mookie

    Maybe Cochlear Impants Soceity/Oralist Society works very hard to campign whole businesses not to accept any written notes from any deafie, mute individual, and even foreigner. They have always forced Deafies to become the CI-Borgs…

  • GooberPea

    I think it’s all about the personal choices each individual makes. At this day and age, it’s simple enough for those in America to find a way to get the basic education to get by in life (reading, writing, etc). Often times, these services can be found for free. I don’t think the whole idea of this man refusing other languages would exclude notes written in English by deaf or mute persons, as he probably doesn’t even think of deaf or mute people when he stated this. Like Amy mentioned, he’s probably just sick of immigration coming in and expecting us to change around them. I find it quite annoying myself, specially where I work, if somebody comes in and doesn’t speak English or a language that one of my fellow coworkers may know, we have to call somebody to explain directions to them and hope we got the right language. I can understand if they just arrived here, cool. It takes time to learn; language is NOT easy. But after a while, it wears on people. They get frustrated and don’t want to help out anymore. *shrug* I think it’s silly to get upset enough to refuse service to those who don’t speak English, but whatever floats their boat.
    Nice political cartoon. I actually understood it for once.