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What does iPhone 5’s tall display mean?

Review, Wireless

Well, new iPhone 6th-generation has reveal yesterday with new power and speed. Only big different is a tall display. Not only, it gives extra row for app to fill. It also gives more room to see the app while typing. I felt, it’s whole the point to have tall display.

At first, I worried that large display mean; it wouldn’t fit in my pocket. Yet, Apple just adds little tall. I’m really relief that I can put in my pocket. Size is very important for several reasons such as hand to hold and to see what you want to see. More room for Text and Email are pretty important to where I can read to make sure before I decide to typing something back to my friend. Of course, it also affect to the notification pop-up on the top of display. It makes more sense!

With letterbox, it makes me wonder, if it would add the stretch on the display like HDTV? I would hate to see like that. Anyway, I’m going to get iPhone 5 for a sure. Because my Palm Pre is pretty outdate already!

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