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I may hate smartphone with touch-screen but…

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QWERTY is feature of mobile phone with physical keyboard. I’m sure that kids might never hear of. Anyway, touch-screen are far popular lately in only last 5 years, I think. I still own Palm Pre that come with QWERTY for over 3 years. It been difficult on outdated power and memory and lack app. I admit that I’m disappointment.

So, how do you like your mobile phone with touch-screen lately? I do own iPod Touch (It’s not PHONE!), it give me an idea how it’s like to have iPhone. I’m still looking forward on new iPhone 6th-generate.

I do also play around with other smartphone like Android. I haven’t play around on Nokia or other that running under Windows 7 Mobile. It had been a while since old Windows Mobile that was pretty terrible to me. There are some features on Android that doesn’t satisfactory with me. I understand that some features may be custom under different brand that company make specs for smartphone. Normally, I don’t go that far enough.

Anyway, here is the main about ability to typing, touch-screen make me look bad during the Auto Correct. It might take time for anyone to make typing become more comfortable, or even the mobile operate system such as iOS, for example, will learn and understand how you typing that way.

During my experience, I have small typo on QWERTY. I do find some problem that some I didn’t press hard enough to bring the letter up on the display. It’s very rarely. Unless, it’s my brain did on purpose.

Lately, there are more new smartphone that high percent, they do want smartphone with touch-screen than QWERTY. Now, there is new voice commands introduce lately. They seem like it. It becomes more concern toward the deaf community. It mean it. If the company decide to focus on voice commands, then it become more difficult. I wouldn’t be happy about it. I’m not try to encourage you go back to QWERTY. It might make no different.

It just that I hate to imagine in future when I’m have kids and they focus on use voice commands and I try to send text message to get him come home. He was like.. “Wow, what’s that? I never saw text before.” Oh my god, he might not learn how to read English. I would blame to Education System. Not really, I’m sure, they can read it but on Social Network, they might ignore SMS. I’m saying that there are popular MMS lately like sexting and can send the voice. I was thinking… What’s different if you could call and leave the message? Normally, I don’t like to leave the message because I want to talk to them right now. That’s one of my problems. What am I think?

I’m still accept my fate that I’ll get new smartphone with touch-screen. I’ll make sure, I turn the Auto Correct off. It mean, I’ll take my time to make sure my message is typo-free before I send to anyone. After all, it’s future.

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    Enjoy it. 

  • Hello, your opinion is very interesting. I also think like this before. Many friends used SMS with 
    QWERTY , they could be fast to type  on last time. Now we have touchscreen, they not familiar so touch on the screen so slowly! Haha.

  • Yeah… Do you know that most are photoshopped?

  • What if QWERTY is no longer available? It would be sucks.

  • I ended up downloading Swype for my Google Nexus phone which yields better typing accuracy than the iPhone or Nokia.

  • I’ll check that. Thank!

  • Neopc007

    Yes, They does as cover up their name. :trollface: