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iTunes betray us II

Computer, I'm Deaf

Okay, I have download iTunes 7.0 include new update QuickTime 7.1.3. So far, what I can look and take screenshot of movies. As you see this image, there is no Closed Caption or subtitle support on feature listing. I also look around on Preference or option as I play around. None in there. Sad?

Of course, I should add link if anyone are interest to show support to add feedback to Apple. I would like to remind you, it happen not long time ago I, not alone, have send feedback about DVD movie players that should add Closed Caption as optional than rather subtitle alone. And it work. So… please. ๐Ÿ™‚

ยป For iPod feedback – here
ยป For iTunes feedback – here

Be Honestly, I don’t really need to get iPod but rather focus on iTunes to watch DVD movies for low price. I would able to enjoy myself at home on my computer. Keep in mind, it’s also available for PC. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • I was pretty disappointed too, I’ve sent my feedback in when they added TV Shows to iTunes and I got a reply saying they have no plans of adding CC support but will reconsider in the future.

    I’ll send another for movies. They really have to add it at some point.

    Somewhat related, upcoming Mac OS X Leopard will automatically display CEA-608 closed captioning:

    I have a feeling that this will work with iTunes tv shows/movies.

  • Yeah, I have aware of Leopard that offer Quicktime with Closed Caption. I guess we shall have to wait until next year when it release.

    Always being little behind for silent world. lol

  • gnarlydorkette

    I just submitted my complaint so hopefully they will become overwhelmed !

  • Windows

    Even Windows Media player, years ago, claimed that it will provide captioning support on Windows Media. But I have never seen any captioned movies from Windows Media Player. Even one Deaf I know that works for Microsoft promised that. It never came, it is full of broken promises.

    I wonder Apple will promise that in Leopard? We will wait and see.

  • Windows, I even hear about AOL that will have some video clip with subtitle, but they brought only few. :-/ It’s more like small pronmise they made.

    Gosh, I hope Apple don’t broke the promise. Since they place the big icon at bottom of that accessibility page from

  • I filled out the complaint form, too. Hopefully enough Deaf/HOH will complain. Funny how FCC requires cc on tv’s of a certain size but not on dvd or new items. Should be regulated.