Sam the Deaf

iTunes betray us (deaf)

Computer, I'm Deaf

Disappointment! And It’s still target for “normal” people who will listen: music, video and game. As there is still no subtitle or Closed Caption. There is no way I could enjoy to watch movies on my computer or new iPod. I’m struck with DVD movies. 🙁

Once again, I’m going to remind Apple by send the feedback again. I won’t give up until every industry are gonna to listen. Of course, FCC need to listen, also which would make them remine all video and computer/software industry to make sure they have for loss hearing.

Maybe we won’t see light in 5 to 10 years. I gonna be old man! ARGH!

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  • gnarlydork

    if you find a place where we (Deaf people) can email and complain about NO cc, post the url here so we can join in your crusade!!!

  • I am not deaf, nor do I know anyone that is deaf, but I’m going to submit feedback urging Apple to include this technology.

    Good luck!


  • How do you know the movies sold through iTunes won’t be captioned/subtitled?

  • Tayler, I have take a good look on iTunes, as I know, so far. There is no Closed Caption nor subtitle around on Apple website include iTunes, I have been recently play around on that application.

  • jessica free

    dear iTunes,
    I think that cc would be very sensible to add to your ipods. Deaf community wants to watch movies on the go, but without cc it is not possible. Please help! The deaf community is always relying on technology to communicate as well as use for their enjoyment just like the non deaf and are a big part of your sales industry. Please don’t forget about their needs too!