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iPod with Closed Caption Support?

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Since Apple, Inc. make announcement by give a sneak peek on Mac OS X 10.5 know as “Leopard”, there saying that new version on Quicktime under Accessibility that support Closed Caption (CC).

Closed captioning
QuickTime currently supports closed captioning by including a text track alongside audio and video content. But improved QuickTime support will automatically display the CEA-608 closed captioning text standard in analog broadcasts in the U.S.

In short future, it’s possible that with feature like that, will support on TV show that I would want to download Monk, my one of my favorite TV show will show CC on Quicktime under iTunes. Think about it! It’s may have new iPod with CC support! I except to see display increase size much as PSP’s, since that PSP have UMD movie support subtitle which is readable.

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  • Will closed caption able to support fifth generation iPod or new next generation only?

  • Current, there is none iPod with CC but next one, it’s possible. Since the rumor hint about next generatino ipod’s display would be much large.

  • Yes, I heard about the new generation ipod’s display would be wider that is really nice, but it may be a little fragile.

  • Below is a link to some samples of our new technology for audio/video Podcast with Closed-Captioning. Please make sure you have the latest version of iTunes. Press “Subscribe” to download the podcast samples.

    Contact me if you have any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Giovanni Galvez

  • Bill Blass

    I use MovCaptioner for the Mac to create captions for my iPod videos. The s/w is cheap ($22) and easy to use. It can also create transcripts of your movies and can import text to use as captions as well if you already have transcripts available. Once you click the button to embed the captions all you do is export the movie (with embedded captions) as MPEG-4 and it will join the caption track with the video track, thus making it playable on video iPods. Very simple.

  • Bill Blass

    Forgot to add the MovCaptioner website link. Here it is:
    I like it better than MagPie.