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Review: Treo 700p (Sprint)

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Okay, here is a brief that I got a raise from my work which is excellent news. So, I decide and get new mobile phone since my Nokia 6822 seem have problem lately. So, I brought Treo 700p under Sprint. Yes, that’s right, I have switch from Cingular (as former AT&T Wireless) to Sprint. Oh, it satisfactory me at most of needs thru wireless and personal. Oh, don’t worry, it’s same mobile phone I still had since.

History I had PDA that running under Palm OS in order:
Visor Neo – It has no wireless, just like original PDA.
i705 – my first wireless PDA, unfortunately Palm Network stop service
Tungsten W – my first smartphone, but I lost and probably stole

Web browser, I select data plan only with SMS (text-msg) package. That data is incredible that I ever experience. It’s like Wi-Fi in long-range, the speed is nearly faster as DSL, since it’s under Sprint’s EvDO, the new fastest baud for data unlike EDGE (which is under GSM such as Cingular and T-Mobile). The test accord from, I get nearly 900 kbps download and 100 kbps upload. Browser is much nice, it allow me two optional view – auto-fit the wide on display or standard in WYSIWYG (sort of). I able to check almost every website without flash and java. Heck, I can check for traffic, weather, web e-mail and more!

Palm’s VersaMail is fair, since it won’t vibrator with auto-sync to check by schedule to get new incoming message. Only wonderful that I can send with picture and open attachment like Tungsten, I had. So, I decide to use ChatteMail. I find is much better, unfortunately, it cost 40 bucks. I am still on 30-day trailer to see how well it can done for my need.

SMS is great, can’t argue, because it’s practice like conversation room and I can send picture (MMS), unfortunately, I didn’t select the package since I have e-mail to do for me.

Instant Messenger is very difficult to find good one. I am not comfortable with Sprint’s AIM that running on web like AIM Express. The receive message will be send like SMS that would charge that plan. So, I tried real AIM application for Palm. Unfortunately, it’s not work on advanced mobile phone. But good news, thank to my friend, he found an application called Toccer. It’s still beta. So far as I test, it does remind me of i705 how thing work. The only one bug, I found so far, it shaking forever like crazy when I turned away message mode and sleep mode. So, I cannot leave like that. I looking forward on complete version of Toccer. Currently, it’s .9v. I hear that VeriChat is far better, but it charge one time a year. It does much better like AIM on computer. It sound great!

Feature on Treo what I know so far…

• Bluetooth, it’s bit difficult, unlike Nokia’s, I manage to get it work with my laptop for exchange picture and modem network.
• Digital Camera 1.3 megapixel look very good for mobile I ever seen. Oh, the video mode able to make auto-focus while taping em during light and dark. That’s impressive compare to what my digital camera (Canon SD300) can’t do.
• QWERTY seem does improve much than previous Treo model. It take few hours of curve learner and I getting comfortable to typing.
• Display is very brightness and allow me to control from low to high.
• Battery is average 1 to 2 days, depend how often I use. Good thing, it’s replaceable battery and it include two different charger: USB power to laptop and outlet without two split unlike Tungsten which is awful.
• The signaler under Sprint is always on, no dropping network so far. It’s easy to turn signaler off and use it during offline. Love it!
• HotSync work great with Mac OS, it’s bitter faster than before.
• Navigator is great.
• Keyguard is easy!

Overall, I thought how great Treo 700p can handle that much I like. Several thing, i would need to get know more when I’m out of city and other way to get thing work. Oh yeah, the size is bitter fair when i put it in my pocket. It’s not too bad but I would need an accessories that carry for me. If that fit well for my need.

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  • Jeffrey Jordan

    I am carrying Treo 700p from Sprinit right now for my work. I really loved it so much. I used to carry Treo 650. 650 and 700p are pretty different. I am glad that my work found that right one for me.

  • Hi Jeffery! Good to hear from you. I bet you would be surprise when you visit big city like Dallas, Austin or Houston, you will find big different on your Treo 700p – much FASTER!!! 😀

  • Mike King

    I too got a 700p from Sprint recently. I’m very pleased w/ it. Very few websites don’t work w/ it. The speed is pretty fast. I especially like it because I used to carry around both a palm M515 & a small samsung phone. Having one device makes things much more convenient. Battery life is excellent.

  • Quang Nguyen

    hey can someone tell me how to put Aol Instant Messenger on my Treo 700p….. reply back to me at my email if anybody knows how too thank you….

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  • would any help me install aim to my treo 700??

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