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I’m so excite to make the announcement new lifestyle for Dallas/Fort Worth deaf community. I’m launching the new deaf social to be taking place at dinner. Deaf Taste Social is when we have meal together, socialize, share the experiences on food and drink from the local eateries. My goal is to choice the local to support, because they’re more unique and far experience than rather the chain restaurants.

How often will Deaf Taste Social host an event?
Deaf Taste Social will hold an event once a month at selected local restaurants in the metro area of Dallas & Fort Worth. Deaf Taste Social encourages its members to recommend locations for the future events.

Why is there limited availability of guests?
Deaf Taste Social will make the reservations based on the number of guests that are expected to participate at the next hosted location

I am NOT fluent in American Sign Language. Can I join with you?
Deaf Taste Social requires that all of its members use ASL. Please understand and respect Deaf individual’s needs to communicate and enjoy other’s limited company by having to accommodate new ASL learners or non signers.

The first event will held in north of Fort Worth, the name of restaurants is Chef Point Cafe. It’s new American and Seafood running by heart-soul American-African chef and owned. Make a reserve and it will happen to you something amazing!

» 1st Events in Watauga, TX
» Make a Reserve

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  • Eviltwinswife

    I hope your social outings at restaurants will bring more understanding to places of business. Restaurants need menus for the Deaf and/or Blind. I know a few places that offer menus where a non-hearing person can point to what they would like, even if the staff does not have anyone who can understand ASL. Good luck with your new venture. 🙂

  • I understand what you mean on menus that probably need the picture on each to see what we think it would taste good.

    Anyway, thank! I hope the first one will go well!