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Why should deaf people blog or use social media?

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Where is the best place to be involved with deaf community at online?

Forums is the first internet deaf community I have been involved in. It’s the largest I have experienced and I met several people after I have
know them online for a long time. I would recommend you join and get to know people there by posting on forums to discuss almost everything.

There are a few more online places other than where there are more specific focus on different deaf groups such as deaf mom, UK for deaf, and much more that you can find on engine search.

Everybody may have Facebook, some may not be aware there are deaf groups. It makes great connections with the group in the LOCAL deaf community.

Make sure you find groups that are still active, then you have a better chance to make connections. It also is ideal for travelers–you can find another deaf group to get involved when you are traveling there.

There are thousands of bloggers out there including me. There is a slim chance you will meet them and then know more about parts of their life. Some prefer to keep private because of different reasons. I suggest you to make comments, say something inspiring in response to their blog. They would be happy to reply to your comments. You can start with, it’s sort of a good guide that can led you find blogs to follow.

Please, don’t be anonymous, you may not get any benefit from them.

It’s a micro-blog, they say pretty much anything. You can follow deaf people and read their tweets of whatever they want to say. Unlike blogs, you can respond to them with short comments, like if it’s a text. Only thing, Twitter can keep going up and down like a rollercoaster. Keep up, you get something great. Good start to follow @deafmom, @deafcoffee and @marleematlin. You can also follow me on @illustratorblog.

It’s small, I recently started going there few months ago. I’m not sure about the deaf community on there to say anything about them. Once you get used to it, you might meet more deaf at /r/deaf or /r/asl.

However, don’t take the trolls too seriously–ignore them. They’re just ignorant about Deaf habits and Deaf perspectives.

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  • hello! How are you? Wow, nice info! You got some Deaf friends active in social media? I always use Facebook, blogger, twitter, and only. I also active in another forum malaysia only.

    My Deaf friends love to write Bahasa Malaysia in their blog 😀