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ViUDA Bistro, restaurants running by deaf owner

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Few weeks ago after Mata Expo, my friend and I went to check out new restaurants. The restaurants called ViUDA Bistro, own by deaf. They have 2 deaf chefs, they’re talent cooker.

ViUDA Bistro, the restaurant is located in Buda, which is south of Austin at the historic downtown area, which is inspired me. The place make it very special place to eat.

Inside, it’s cozy, mix the old building with some modern art place on wall and ceil where the windows are hang up there. My friend assuming that it’s clever because “ViUDA” is considered refers to windows and widow. I wasn’t sure if that quite right. However, I enjoy spend time to sit down and look around in the room.

The hosting is very friendly and suddenly greeting in American Sign Language (ASL). I feel like we’re in for business to order something from the waitresses who are some familiar with ASL. No need to speed up, the fast you get, you might lose taste.

I see lot of good listing such as steak and paste in unique visual on meals. Most are full of surprise. Yet, I’m in mood for good steak. It’s very tasty; I can tell they’re so fresh. Yet, they’re little expensive, I would say it’s $$$ out of $$$$$. Hey, there have Yak steak, it’s most expensive from I seen so far. I’ll try when I come back again.

I’ll come back again. I haven’t get chance to meet deaf chefs. They’re so busy to cook for many customers. Only the quite time I had with the hosting and the owner. They’re also helpful when we weren’t familiar on some meals on what or how we suppose to eat. They’re available open on most weekend on evening. Check their video in ASL! Sorry, no closed caption!

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