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Theory on ntouch VP over this and this…

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Are you excited to have ntouch VP comes to replace your VP200? Yet, I have been wonder about several things that I would like to share with you.

How quality is it?
Are you excite that display would be much clear to see your boyfriend/girlfriend, friend or family’s face and hand? Of course, we do.

However, my theory, it would be much as 720p streaming on the medium package from DSL/Fiber that everybody would afford to have that faster high-speed. I cannot recommend you to have low-end cable high-speed during the vary speed by time and time.

Too wired!
That would be 5 wired connect to ntouch VP’s rear panel:

• USB for web cam
• Ethernet for Internet access
• RJ11 (tele-jack) for visual tele-signal alert
• HDMI or Composite AV for television to display
• Power to outlet

Are you complaining about it? I do.

Why no wireless?
My assuming, it required the license fee to produce the own equipment. ZVRS do NOT own the product, brought from CISCO’s and Creative’s. Purple and other VRS provide only application to place on iOS and Android device, which it includes, wi-fi. Thank to bigger corp. that can afford.

That’s way we get FREE videophone equipment. Make everybody happy.

It can be also other reason that wireless isn’t always great at keep up with firmware when it need update and can be failure through wireless but rather solid wired.

You still can find a way to set as wireless with adapter that is similar as one I post.
*Be aware that I may have no confirm or source that these can be true

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  • Grant Laird Jr

    Seems they don’t have cloud address book do they? (web, mobile, ntouch vp, vp200, etc.)

  • Just thru server. It would be nice if it allow us custom our address listing thry website. Much quick to make input than direct to the VP equipment.