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Back of Sorenson ntouch VP

I'm Deaf

Sorenson have done reveal next-generation videophone. New features sound so amazing. It come with HD quality and friendly search contact listing and more. I appreciate what they have make big change for deaf to use than what VP200 have. Did they mention Point-to-Point (P2P) leave-message? YES!

Let’s see what’s rear panel of equipment what it would support to the port/plug.

It has 2 USBs, Ethernet, HDMI, RJ11 (tele-jack), Composite AV and power plug. I’m relief to know that it would support to our telephone visual signaler equipment.

I have good assuming about HDMI, it may or will be either 720p or 1080p while the streaming will be just 480p. During my sense with technology, it would be accept on affordable high-speed that would support, at least, a good quality of video.

However, my friend, who is computer whiz, explain that to have 720p streaming, it need, at least 768 kpbs. That sound nice, as if ntouch VP might would support. Then our eyes will totally blew up with plenty of drool.

» Visit Sorenson’s ntouch VP web

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  • Two parts? :sigh: 

  • think of 2-piece of swim bikini.

  • Anonymous

    This is a reminder that the internet based Telecommunications Relay Services you all know at this point used an idea, a concept, a prototype known as “ocdacrelay” that was stolen from the Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center’s director Richard Roehm. You can learn more about this in great detail at and before you decide to give your awes to this, you need to remember that the backbone of it was an idea that was stolen from a deaf person.

  • Do Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center hold the patent? If they don’t, then make one before someone claim it.

  • How can you be excited about this, you can’t leave message on nTouch if you’re calling from vp200, Purple, ZVRS etc.  It’s not equal to hearing.

  • I don’t know that. Is that fact?

  • Yup, try calling someone with Ntouch from your device and let me know.   Try it!    See for yourself!  You’re free to find out for yourself.  

  • I’m certain, it’s beta, not full, yet. But thank for let me know.

  • Burnyp

    Where did is the WiFi, MiFi ???????????

  • Why MiFi?

  • Oranzetech81

    i wonder ntouch VP have a wifi ? let me know soon

  • No, they don’t.

  • Floridaguy973

    Sorenson VP200 is use 480i but NtouchVP can use 480i, 480p or 720p .

  • Floridaguy973

    if you connect to VP200 from your new nTouch VP   it will automatically to 480i/p on videophone but  if you call to nTouch to nTouch  you will get HD 720p on VP

  • It make me wonder if there certainly people who concern about their appear, will show much in crispy display?