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LAX’s Hotel Phone

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After arrive from Korea, I was here in Los Angeles Intl. Airport. I had trouble on look for shuttle bus that takes to the hotel. There are no specs for me to hop in there.

So, I decide to look for TTY or free Wi-Fi available. It’s more like I’m desperate for Wi-Fi to hook up with my iPod Touch to use ZVRS app. However, I saw the booth at the department with the sign said “Hotel Booth”. There is 3 touch-screen devices include handset individual to make the call for hotel. I thought it would be nice if it include e-mail or relay service.

Wait a minute! There is TTY mode at the bottom. I thought it’s fancy! I could go ahead and click the button. It changes to all icons from telephone to TTY mode. I made the select on where hotel I’m going to stay at.

After make the select to make the call, it takes me to the 2 empty box with keyboard on the screen. It’s really cool that I would type on the screen. I get no reply anything from the hotel. I decide to give a shot to typing.

What the? The virtual keyboard is joke, it hardly responds where I type the keyboard. That got me unpatience and try to typing something, which is not normal as I, experience with iPod Touch’s. It’s very difficult to typing. I had to slow and touch once a time to have the character appears on the display. That’s waste my time. Suddenly, itself hang up without say “Hello? Hello?”. That’s lame.

It’s nice features but it just that it’s not friendly technology and probably hotel staff still don’t know how to handle on respond with TTY if that exist to all of them. Gawd, all I can say, it’s not great tool. I end up ask someone to call hotel for me

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  • Anonymous

    Thats a hard lesson for a class people who have a 90% illiteracy rate. But it is a very satisfactory accommodation.

  • Marc Azada

    I agree that it’s not not friendly technology. I hope someday they would create a Hotel Booth like this that offers easier access. Anyways, it is still an innovative idea. Good Job to the person who invented it.