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Reviews: Bones, The Signs in the Silence

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Policeman found a poor teenage girl in alley with cover of blood. Turn out it’s Deaf Jane Doe (actress: McKenzie Applegate), who tried defend herself from the kidnapper who abuses her and he already dead. The court orders Dr. Bones to examine on the live victim to find the answer.

Deaf Jane Doe aka Amy aka Samantha
Deaf Jane Doe, (actress: McKenzie Applegate) is the scary girl who tried asking for a help. From what I understand the situation on being abuse that anyone would trends to have blank face or grief after being shock. Since I do not see much of the expressive while make out of communicate with ASL. That what I would agree on how her perform appears. Her true parents appear to know ASL. That’s one question I would like to know if they’re deaf or not. My best guess, they’re hearing, I’m sure.

Oh, if you wonder if that actress, Applegate, is deaf or hearing. Just unfortunately that actress is hearing and had skill in ASL or either being train. She just makes her perform that well. I recall by seen her in Desperate Housewife a while time ago.

Lawyer, Interpreter or Social Work?
Meacham (actress: Michelle L. Gardner) told that she is attorney who know ASL and protect for Jane Doe while Dr. Bones is need to follow from the court’s order, have Jane Doe to be cooperate by take some sample from her mouth and hair. Yet, from what I seen that Meacham’s role act like if she is social work the way she is assist the communicate for her like if she is an interpreter.

It’s rare to seen lawyer who have ability in ASL. Yes, it would be nice and wonderful service to have one. I’m not sure about 100% on how the system works. By the way that Gardner, the actress is hearing.

American Regional Sign Language
Just an concept as “American Regional English” when Dr. Bones figures on where Deaf Jane Doe’s sign language come from. It’s neat that they’re using high-tech to detect on her sign to find the word it match where is base from location – Pennsylvania. It makes excellent sense on how we grew up from school and friends in which location and become our prime communicate. It’s like you said, “Coke” in Southern and “Pop” in Northeastern.

I thought it’s amazing technology to find different sign language that would tell where from. I’m sure that you may remember example from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Two Mrs. Grissoms where Marlee Matlin played in, someone was able to realize from someone’s unique sign that tell where the region is from. This time, that one is much different. However, I do not think they would able to make specs on where location is, if it just a luck show up.

Final thought
I enjoy when I don’t hear any issues with Cochlear implant (CI) like the first 3 or 4 shows like CSI, Law & Order and House MD that had to be involve with CI. That program makes thing feel more reality to deal with deaf when they’re in trouble. I’m little disappointment that find out that actress who plays as Deaf Jane Doe isn’t actual deaf. So, I give it 4 out of 5.

If you haven’t seen, you have 4 weeks left until the free episode on will expire from this post’s date: Bones: The Signs in the Silence

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  • robert mason

    Dr. Don Gruskhin already beat you to this one on his Facebook two days ago. He and others criticized this “Bones” epsiode harshily. 🙂

    Robert L. Mason (RLMDEAF) 

  • Anonymous

    Actual, someone already did about week ago but I forget about it. lol