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VP-300 won’t happen

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Are you hoping for new videophone model from Sorenson? Probably not happen for a long time. What you seen rumor or picture of “vp-300” is actual Cisco’s one of most expensive video conferencing, called “umi” which it required the monster high-speed to meet the crispy resolution on HDTV.

Reason why it won’t happen. Because of simple follow up:

  • Not everybody own HDTV
  • High-end high-speed is too expensive for now
  • Sorenson might not have fund enough to create new one. Thank to FCC’s cut
  • It have no flash signaler or telephone jack port, it’s pointless

Stop believe in VP-300 while the current is fine for EVERYBODY.

If you want what you actual saw the picture. You would have to pay $599 to own and pay $25/month to use the service to call. Here the full details

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  • Chevy57

    Yes, I like it but it s too costly. Require 1.5 Mbps upload speed for 720p or 3.5 Mbps upload speed for 1080p. My Time Warner upload speed is less than 750 kbps. Low speed.

  • Anonymous

    Yep! It’s not like everybody can get one.

  • Hedor28

    Yes! I thank FCC to cut $$$!!! 😛 Just kidding.

    I agreed about HDTV is not for everyone to own yet. Maybe in 10 years or more later. About high-speed costs is being ridiculous!!! Hope they realize if cut down and provides a reasonable prices to fit in this economic equality for all people. That will help!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, it’s nice to hear from you. Yeah, in future, new n’ better tech, more cheap that everybody can have one.

  • myVRS Relay Central LLC

    You can get Verizon FiOS, the upload speed is over 5Mpbs or even you can get 15Mpbs upload with thier 150Mpbs down/15Mbps up. But price? $199 a month


  • Anonymous

    Thank u for info that prove my point. 🙂

  • Keth75

    Sorenson likes to make people believe things that are not true… people need to be aware of Sorenson… do not believe if they say they are going to have vp 300… I am actually laughing about that…

  • Emanuel Penalo9

    that vp -300 how know new never see to soresnos coolz can free deaf

  • Frank

    Yeah, I almost about to get it but is cost too much to buy it…..  Now, YES, Sorenson finally have VP-300 and its free for all deaf/hard of hearing.     Be patient my friend, its coming on the way.   WHHOOOO!!!!!     o/

  • Actual, it’s not vp-300. They called it ntouch VP.