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TTY isn’t really dead

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That’s for everybody who believe that TTY is already dead because of videophone. I would like to make the note that high-speed isn’t everywhere. Simple, there are only about 65% high-speed available in nationwide of United States of America. Either there have reason that high-speed is expensive or not available in certain area.

Surprise, some people are still own and use TTY for some reason. Some of them include me, cannot depend on videophone when there is an outage, because videophone is required a source of power for monitor and high-speed modem. At least, there is cellphone for us to use.

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  • It may not be R.I.P. yet but may be in several years because the landline phone will be lesser and lesser among the people while the usage of cell phones are getting increased.

  • Chevy57

    LOL. I know that everybody never use TTY and their phone lines are cutting. if power is outage, use cellphone or go nextdoor to require for calling 911.

  • Ooiselina

    I think the old people still use TTY until now. The young generation sure want to use the cell phones in future. 🙂

  • J.J.

    If you have to write a blog telling people (or to try to convince yourself) that the TDD is still alive……it’s dead.


  • Anonymous

    Ha. It’s because most people doesn’t aware of the fact that TTYs are still activate out there.

    It just anyone like you who decide to move on and leave the old-level communicate in bottom that cannot be found again.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, young gen are. All old people like me been train and aware of use TTY from school. I haven’t use TTY, it’s still in dust.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t imagine if you go to next door and they said to get LOST. Of course, they can get trouble for not aid other neighbor.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, like to die slow…