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Apple TV (2nd Gen) with Closed Caption

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If you wonder if new tiny amazing device from Apple called Apple TV the 2nd-gen have Closed Caption (CC). Of course! They have one since last time I saw the first model. Many have doubt if that have one or not.

Only the lack problem is, they’re probably no frickin movie or TV show of anything has CC available for us to watch. That is no fun. Isn’t it?

Lucky, we just have new law pass called 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, approve by President Obama a week ago. That mean, it should be on process to spread to every studio to be aware that there are required to have CC same as seen on television or similar as from movie case.

Anyway, here is the video that I’m show you that there is setting to change. It’s simple. Really.

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  • Now Apple will have to add CC button on their next remote!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I would agree. But I’m pretty interesting on Mini Mac. As long as there are every CC available on hulu, iTunes, Netflix… Then I’m all good!

    Bye bye DVR and DVD player!