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Don’t think I can deal with one-hand Sign Language

I'm Deaf

Yeah, it’s cool to have leave-message video from my Sorenson VP-200. When I enter there and open the video. Whoa. I see a lady in video, she have bandage on her arm. Look like have an incident from somewhere else. However, she is still on duty to interpret on what hearing leave the “voice” for me.

Man… I’m not able to make out on what she saying to me. With one-hand sign language give me a more time to understand than usually 2-hand. How about you?

Think about it, I required having two hands to sign such as “school”, “clapping” or something like that. My brain function is pretty slow to catch on one-hand. I ask several people who think of iPhone. Can you deal with it? Probably 30-70 can deal with it. I’m not… not even I appreciate it.

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  • Mishkazena

    I don’t think it’s right for a VRS interpreter to be operating with one hand. She may have a legitimate reason not to use her hand, but it’s not fair for the Deaf customers. For one reason: One hand interpreter isn’t accessible, not to all Deaf customers.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you! I do agree with you.

  • It’s something you have to see often to get used to it. Otherwise… I am inclined to agree.

  • North Dakotan

    I’m a Purple user. I hate VP-200 because I cannot leave a video message to my deaf friends. My friends love my Purple account because they can leave me a video message from any video phones. 🙂

    About the interpreter, she should be on paid leave until she is able to come back and interpret with both arms.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I hear ya. Purple have cool feature for both personal and VRS

  • chevy57

    LOL, I had used one-hand sign language for my iPhone 4 via FaceTime video. One hand is holding on this device and other hand is signing. Caller can understand one-hand ASL.

  • Anonymous

    Would be easy to have iPhone mounted against the wall or something and use 2 hand to be necessary to sign. Ask someone to hold for you. 🙂

  • Sherikakelley

    SHAME ON YOU!!! SORENSON HAS NO SICK LEAVE FOR INTERPRETERS!!! SO hmmm..feed family or make sure you see two hand? number right there is your call list to call back. Sorenson does not give time off with pay..mean what? no money. Maybe should ask WHY SVRS do that to your interpreter.