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Thought on iPhone with VRS

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I’m give the expression on good, bad and ugly side on iPhone 4 with Video Relay Service.

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  • Jncutt

    Love the PRO and CON characters. I am in the category of CON for now as there are all issues that still will be a problem. GIve it a few months and see how it goes..VRS I doubt it is all set and ready. AT NAD, I sense it was all scripted while Nancy did the call. How I see that, Nancy was talking and I see some of her hands out of the picture display and how can that VI read her while Nancy movement was out of the display pix. It would be best to call someone else to test it instead of this VIP guy ZVRS called in. WiFi is the issue as the CON character stated. Its the same ole routine like u do on a laptop. All depends on ur WiFI…Wait a few months and see if CON stated it correctly.

  • illustratorblog

    Thought I give 2 characters to make interesting to argue. The reason I decide to make clear that iPhone 4 with facetime use only Wi-fi. Because I looked up on ZVRS that could look like misled without read careful.

    Look at the bbdqsony (on youtube), he already doing the crazy thing!

  • illustratorblog

    Yeah, I saw his video before. Crazy bbdqsony!

  • Samyu


    You made everyone mislead. You didnt made this real clear. Have you look at Apple iPhone 4 facetime only do on wifi. ZVRS followed their information. ZVRS didn't mislead. You made ZVRS sound like mislead. You need to be more careful who to point. Everyone know about WiFi such as MVP, Viable and z340. Everyone are familiar with wifi.

    I watched Nancy and ZVRS on screen at NAD. I m able to understand what Nancy said on facetime. But you guys think its all scripted. No, I talked to her and she was unexpected about this event and her first time! Even worst her husband work for purple. LOL! Therefore its not scripted.

    At Hard Rock cafe. I tested and very impressed how video looks.

    Last thing.. Sam you work for SorensonVRS. I saw you at Texas during DeafNation Expo. Are you biased?


  • “Samyu”,

    Sam don't work for SVRS. I believe you saw wrong person. He is just a messager.

  • illustratorblog

    1. I don't work for Sorenson, you didn't look closer on my polo style.
    2. ZVRS make clear by say “the world's first truly mobile video relay service” which is MISLED.

  • deafabba

    Samyu –
    I was at Hard Rock Cafe last week in Philly. Tim Rarus indeed said “anywhere” that grabbed my attention and I knew right away it was totally misleading. Also look at the video of Nancy's making a call. Tim did say “You dont have to look for a place, you can call anywhere” Go to YouTube and look for 2:15 frame. Double whammy!

  • King Baboon

    I don't see any new iz apps yet or is there? I will wait for iPad with webcam in the future. I never use iphone so far but I prefer use iPad. Think like Star Trek classic.

  • illustratorblog

    ZVRS said they will release on late July (this month) which is turn 20 years of ADA to remember. iPad with front camera would be awesome.