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Fort Worth’s Waterfall

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Nobody know waterfall, more like just few location does know. I’m disappointment, nobody tell me there is frickin natural waterfall in Fort Worth behind several man-make waterfall which is lame which I saw from somewhere from Richardson, TX. Now, that’s secret spot, really awesome. Well, now… It’s no longer secret. I’m telling you! It’s location in Westworth Village, closer to Air Force base.

Fort Worth Waterfall 2/2

I know it’s not actual Trinty River that people would mistook. It’s actual Farmer’s Branch Creek. There is small park-a-lot spot for anybody to park there. Don’t come during rain because of no pavement, it would be terrible and muddy for your vehicle to drag there, unless you own monster truck. Then you walk pretty much as 10 minutes, when you go slowly in heat day. There are pretty scene and fresh nice cement path for people to jogging. You would see branch of goats, and sometime, you would see chicken around there. I wish it’s wild but it’s belonged to ranches.

Anyway, here the story, from what I read the other blog said that it once being private property that nobody know but the owner who knew. It slow spread in quiet years. Until someone finally make fund and open city’s public park for anybody make access to see pretty spot. Thank to George Shannon!

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