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What did you mean my videophone number isn’t real?

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Well, after read the article that someone sue eBay because she cannot set her account to sell her stuff because her videophone number make that company think it’s fraud and suggest her to get a hearing person to call for her. It is! Duh!

I admit I thought of something funny going on. Even I tried use my videophone number on one of insurance company which I couldn’t recall that name. I was applying to find out the quote. The error appears that they couldn’t recognition on area code. So, I had to use my mobile phone number, if even they tried call me. I’m helpless.

However, it led me to think about what’s up with my videophone number. So, I decide to look up on to check out if that number able to reverse the information on where I live.

Yep, it shows as landline and estimate on where I live. Therefore, it should prove that my number isn’t bull.

You can check if your videophone number is real local number then Sorenson did a good job. – Thank Miss-Delectable for head up!

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