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Something funny about “PurpleDead”

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Thought I want to tell something when I receive news about Purple being bust by Federal. It seem that unknown author who spread the news on that weblog called “PurpleDead“. That person sound like being glad about it. Probably, he or she is such an angry person as I think of. Anyway, I look up on something that I feel something is funny going on.

  1. Name of Weblog is “PurpleDead”, I think that’s immature and pointless.
  2. That weblog have only one and probably will never again.
  3. Their profile doesn’t reveal, probably work for Sorenson, hard-cord fan of SVRS, etc.
  4. The source given by Biz.Yahoo have no actual reference or original on whom report. (okay, maybe I don’t know that part)
  5. The only true I know about Purple, they’re not bankrupt. Not yet, because there is no confirm at moment.

Don’t be jumpy until we have the actual fact information about Purple. Don’t be sorry for them, just do whatever you like their service or not. I only like them because I was able to use on my MacBook to use VRS with iChat.

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  • Sam

    Just go to SEC and look up PRPL, you will see Purple is in debt.

  • RLM

    This cartoon is very unfair to the Purple Communication. Why the Sorenson hard-core fans should take delight in Purple's missteps. Sorenson is no saint, too.

  • deafqueenbee

    Way to go. I agree! Just cuz a company is in debt not mean bankrupt. Why so many haters? If not like that service, don't use them. I not like Tmobile AT ALL!! I use Verizon. Do I HATE Tmobile? No. Hate is a disease and does not win friend.

  • Yes, I still wait to listen from my Purple company about SEC.

  • deafadvocate

    You go to Purple's own website –, then click on Company at the bottom of webpage, then SEC Filings and then the first line 'material' you will see the Section 8 letter which explains that the FCC has asked Purple to return $1.6m and a further $16.7m back for unauthorised calls (overpayments) and then later down in letter it says that Churchill LLC made $40m loan and $8m rolling loan and Purple fail to pay back and they want the money back. Final paragraph says if FCC do not withdraw demand the company may cease operations. It is there for you to read on Purple own website.

  • Spencer

    This is funny, because you’re making assumptions that this person is a Sorenson fan. Talk about hypocritical.

  • illustratorblog

    Being in debt doesn't mean they're bankrupt.

  • illustratorblog

    “Kill Purple Volume 1” and I wonder what's “Kill Purple Volume 2” would be like. OMG OMG!

  • Up yonder

    Seems people don't understand the difference between being broke, being in debt, and bankrupt. In fact, bankruptcy is the action of receiving the protection from creditors. Not necessarily as result of being in too much of debt, but rather a transition to get to the next step (come back to live). Bankruptcy is probably better way to do rather than staying in debt. Thus, being in debt is worse than being a bankrupt because people got wrong idea and swelled in too much of pride refusing to admit bankruptcy. If you cannot get past bankruptcy, you kill the company's propectiveness for future. Bankruptcy may give you a second chance, especially to reorganize. Just like airlines. See the logic? To me, why raise such fuss on whether one is a bankrupt? So what, it is part of business life.

  • Ah-ha moment

    Yes, we can all see that based on the filing from the SEC that Purple is in debt. Who isn't these days? If you own a home and you have a mortgage, guess what? YOUR IN DEBT!!!!!!! Purple is a good company that is active in the community, just look at their Dream Bigger tour last year! They recognized deaf leaders in the community and contributed to charities of their choice. What is the benefit to Purple for this? Nothing, they did it because they care!!! If we lose them in the VRS industry lots of people will lose their jobs and customers will be out of services that other providers dont offer. Don't blame Purple or other companies for making money, remember they are a for profit company not a non-profit. The FCC's rules were never very clear and that is why they had to “clarify” two weeks ago because VRS companies weren't sure. Deaf people should be outraged at the FCC. If you're deaf and you want to work in the VRS industry because that is the industry that services your community, the company you work for has to pay the undue burden of providing interpreting services for you? How is that functionally equivilant? Just some food for thought!!

  • Deaf Skeptic

    You think it's the Sorensen fans doing this? Many deafies don't like Sorenson. Perhaps deaf people are fed up with fraud and abuses by VRS companies.

  • Ken Heath

    As a former contractor worker for Purple, I don't really want to make it sounds as if I am a disgruntled employee but I am just stating some facts. I, personally, believe that Purple is responsible for its own downfall. Their first biggest mistake is the demise of MVP because in my strong opinion, it would have emerge as one of the best device in VRS market since you can carry it anywhere that has access to WIFI such as airport, McDonald, Starbuck, etc. and thus would allow their clients to call using HOVRS to hearing people creating revenue for themselves so they could pay their own bills. Since they demised MVP, it was basically all downfall because who would want to use P3 at home when VP-200 is so much easier to use.. just punch in phone number and the interpreter will call right away. Encouraging clients to use HOVRS.TV on VP-200 is a joke because who would want to use HOVRS.TV then give interpreter the number when you can just punch it in with VP-200 remote?? Plus their paying system in 2009 was non-sense paying contractor workers $50 just to add HOVRS.TV to VP-200 and $25 to contractor who can get clients to download P3 to their laptop/desktop computer. To me, something is wrong with that picture!! Why would you, as company, want to pay your contractor more money by adding HOVRS to other company's device when you know VP-200 owners probably will never use HOVRS.TV on VP-200??

    I can understand that one of few main reason for demise of MVP would be due to bug issues and new FCC rules that FCC no longer reimburse the device that is given to clients for free like Sorenson did in early time during the beginning of the VRS marketing, but that is how the game is played in business world. If you don't have head start in VRS business then it is a gamble you have to be willing to take to be competitive! What Purple failed to see is that when Sorenson first came out with VP-100, there were a lot of bugs!! A LOT! But once VP-200 came out, WOW! Almost all bugs were gone and everyone is pretty much happy with it that Sorenson made so much money off it they can still afford to give devices to new clients for free. Purple should have used that same formula and stick with MVP instead of working on P3 at same time and once P3 was ready then dump MVP off the ship (BIGGEST MISTAKE). MVP was actually the key to their earning.

    So to close this, I wish Purple well in fixing their mess because I don't see how they can get out of it. They may need to file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and need to revisit their MVP idea in order to get back in competitive field. After all, that's probably their only option. I wish I could help them but they had their chance to hear me out and now I am sharing it on here.

  • illustratorblog

    I just assure without proof. Anything can be imagine on what cause them which isn't pretty.

  • illustratorblog

    Guess what? They're not bankrupt, they had it works out with FCC. Look like they're back in business as normal. More information will give when I can find out on the source.

  • illustratorblog

    Guess what? They're not bankrupt, they had it works out with FCC. Look like they're back in business as normal. More information will give when I can find out on the source.