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Speaker System for iPhone with bed shaker?!

Holy Smoke!, I'm Deaf

Since quite amount of deaf who own iPhone to meet their happy-dom. Great. And someone think of use mobile phone as bed shaker. Great. But iPhone isn’t great idea to place under your bed because anyone probably would smash the whole glasses plate. No fear, there is awesome accessories for iPhone. It also works with iPod Touch if you have one.

A friend of mine, show me that there is cool speaker system for iPhone. Surprise, it comes with bed shaker with few awesome features that does something with iPhone. It’s pretty expensive but it’s probably different and much worth in part of style in bedroom than dull Sonic Alert thing. It got cool display than any alarm clock with bed shaker.

I find it weird that it come with sound along the bed shaker, that’s something for hearing to get. For myself, I’m not sure during some reason on cost and some features to meet my need. Well, you can check it out and see if that suit for you. Cheer!

Source: ILuv – iMM178

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