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ZVRS and Sprint Relay use same software develop

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ZVRS was first introduce (unsure who claim but my own witness) Z4 the software that support both Mac and PC. I thought that would be great. I have been await for kind software where I could use and call direct from my MacBook.

Yet, there is Sprint Relay does offer software compatible for Mac and PC. I start to notice both are similar engineer software on how to use. I haven’t download when ZVRS was first introduce. This time, I was able to download from Sprint Relay’s site. And I found the source on where it comes from. It’s Mirial Softphone“>Mirial Softphone.

Look like Mirial have development, well, smart application that can be use both Mac and PC to make the video conferencing. It makes sense because it can be compatible with 4G wireless. What’s smart thing about Sprint, they would able to sell 4G modem to use for either PC or Mac laptop. It’s match in heaven to use anywhere.

» Source: Mirial – VVoIP solution and HD video conferencing over IP, 3G and IMS

UPDATE 02.23.10 9:29 AM: @williebike CSDVRS/ZVRS provides the technical solution to couple different VRS companies- and Sprint is one of them.

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