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RANT: Videophone display on HDTV in wrong way


Some deaf set videophone with HDTV, my thought, it’s pointless. Both Sorenson VP series and other videophone equipment are support only use in composite video (yellow cable) that go at 480i while HDTV display the resolution pixel: 480p, 720p or 1080p. While plug videophone to HDTV, the display looks blur compare to standard television. I felt like it gives me sore eyes.

Let me explain clear: 480i is blur or weird horizon line. 480p is sharp!

The ridiculous I saw someone set videophone to HDTV in wrong format size. Normally, all videophone’s format appears on 4:3, which normal as standard television. HDTV is mostly having 16:9 (widescreen). So, when have conversation with someone with setting at widescreen on HDTV; his or her head show more width head. It’s being STRETCH! HDTV needs to be leaving at 4:3 setting for NTSC (analog, which composite video tend support). I don’t care if you see black bar on both side. It’s standard size. Leave HDTV’s setting on display for ATSC (digital or TV show/movie with widescreen) at 16:9 or widescreen setting that makes more comfortable vision.

I can’t imagine when have conversations with someone in wrong format. Then meet in person somewhere, he or she would say, “Gee, I don’t remember your head is slim compare to what I saw you on VP.”

I guess I’m being prick. It would be nice to have new next-generation videophone with widescreen and component video/HDMI support. Unfortunately, not everybody can afford HDTV.

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  • Jay

    Many HDTV has remote that allows you to easily switch picture “aspect” modes, dont they? You can easily click on the button to get it to 4:3 and then back to wide screen when done.

  • Yeah, I know. Some of them don’t care.