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Review: Viore 7″ Handheld LCD TV


Did I say that I like to watch something? Yeah, I have mention about 2 years ago about the portable TV with Closed Caption (CC). I have been wonder if there is any smaller than 13″ than FCC’s law required having at least, on the size to have CC. I look up around on and found very few portable TV with CC. Obviously, it’s up to the any company who decide and being kind to add a cool feature in it.

That portable TV is pretty affordable. So, I decided and brought Viore 7″ Handheld LCT TV. Until, I got it in my hand. I look up and play around it. It has a built-in ATSC tuner, which is awesome, also it include the cute tiny antenna. The scanner pick most excellent signal from my location up to 30 channels. Too many crap networks, just few major that I care: FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS.

The quality on display appears to be nice shape. Not sore, but not best high-def appears during the cheap LCD. I am not complaining about it.

Here the CC issues from what I seen, I find it well read-able while watch the local news. That’s great. However, I find one poor position on where live CC appears in about middle lower. Unlike I mention on ABC network, where CC was little middle on upper there. My guess is that digital CC doesn’t go that well as I thought.

BONUS: There is AV (audio/video) plug-in on the side lower there, it’s fortunately, I have the accessories cable that turn into Composite video. I tested it plug to my videophone. It works great! It’s clear as I could see it.

• Smaller than 13″ to carry around
• Excellent ATSC signal, no power antenna required
• Allow to custom ratio display
• Remote with easy to turn CC ON
• Easy navigator on menus

• Thick than 2 inch
• Dark area on display during angel view
• No digital CC, just standard
• No Composite video, accessories is required

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  • deafrock

    Cool!! Thanks for sharing this with us… 🙂

  • Midwest

    Great review – this is the sort of blog I like to read and learn about.

  • illustratorblog

    Your welcome! Heck, I could bring portable TV in my car to watch while someone is driving. I have to find out if the signal is okay while running around in city. *shurg*

  • Dianrez

    Great review! Also something I have been looking for a long time, a battery powered, CC-enabled TV that can go places and be used for emergency information during times of power blackouts or disasters. By the way, the company also makes a 10 inch screen with a little more capability. I'll be ordering two for the family, thanks to your column. (Other reviews say that it cannot be used in a moving vehicle as this breaks up the signal.)

  • illustratorblog

    Your welcome! That's great idea when it's emergency and receive well signal to see the major network on what's going on. Wonderful!

  • Awesome!

  • Awesome!