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Someone sell beta VPAD on eBay (eek)

Holy Smoke!, I'm Deaf

The seller, at eBay, makes me sick. Sell for $599 after purchase $99 from DeafNation. Sold 3 Viable VPADs to the suckers (buyer) who brought it. I get bad feel for them, they would realize they get in their hand, is beta device. Sure, I understand that buyer brought it and sell whatever he want to. How do you feel about it?

Sold 3 Viable VPAD on eBay which end May 3rd
Sell for $599 on eBay until May 11th

To me, it’s not worth for anyone to buy, which is too much. TOO MUCH, I tell ya!

Of course, as I mention on my other comment on my review about VPAD, I didn’t sold VPAD on eBay at all. But I sold to my friend who need it at same price what I paid.

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    I just contacted the seller telling him/her that it was a sick thing to do! H/she said, “who deafnation?” hint hint (no verb). h/she knew. gotcha!

  • Odd, the buyer’s information did mention “DeafNation’. That amusing me.


    Yeah I know. Pathetic, huh?

  • Deafpower

    Viable wants to get rid of first model of VPAD like rotten apples because VPAD models have serious flaws. Many customers want to return them to Viable, but they were snubbed by Viable. DeafNation is aware about serious problems, but they work closely with Viable to get rid of them for profits. It is really a scam and shame on both DeafNation and Viable! FCC must launches its investigation for the scam.

  • I can understand that usually, first model are always appear to have most common problem show up. The mistake taught to make better next-model.

    I never think of scam on Viable, they may be new in market and try to be awesome than Sorenson. I want something awesome. 🙂

  • Deaf Pixie


    You better reporting ebay about fraud. It’s sound like the person sell it. It might be stolen from someone else’s VPAD!

  • Lisa C.

    I hope no one buys it. I hate it then someone rips some people off. There are so much problem in first model productions like the first phrase of most new laptop computers at the laptop maunufactoring where I worked as a repair technican and they came back for repair after they were being sold to customers.

  • Richard Roehm

    It’s a crank.

  • TGB

    Its a free country and perhaps should have made it free so people dont have to sell to get their money back? not people fault customer service at viable dont allow them get full refund its free enterprise who know who bought it!

  • Joscasta

    Did anyone alert the 2 buyers from the first auction about the scam??

    Anyone report this seller to ebay?

  • Dan

    VPAD is horrible and lousy device. Low quality and incomplete. Not friendly interfaces. Worthless to have it.
    Viable Corp is experimenting with deaf customers like Guniea Pigs and their business will get bad reputation in the end. Poor business plan.


    I emailed about this issue. Here is what I got responsed from them..


    This is xxxx xxxxx. I am your Customer Service Representative. I am
    more than happy to assist.

    We are aware of this. This customer who bought VPAD can be sold on Ebay.
    There is no illegal at all.”

  • Joscasta @ I don’t think this buyer is fraud at all, it just sell the bad product at wrong time.

    Deafgay @ Of Course, it’s not illegal, someone brought it and resell. It would be illegal if resell as in store. There is nothing Viable can do. It’s up to people’s free decide to buy.

  • *Sigh* What a rip-off but I am not surprised about that.

  • No Name

    I have ebay account to check out

    So far three offers, one withdrew, the other two ebayers are:

    silentaddick( 249) Accepted 3 May-03-08 14:49:38 PDT

    trgrapsonu( 183) Accepted 1 May-03-08 09:38:04 PDT

    T e r r i b l y