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Do we need portable TV with closed captioning?

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I had quick thought about portable television. Since FCC required at least 13” with closed captioning (CC), so the question is. Are you interest to have portable television LCD with CC and ATSC (or digital antenna)?

I had my reason that it would be good thing since NTSC will end and leave only ATSC available over the air here in America. It receives the most of clear signal to watch on television. I thought the size between 5” to 9” wouldn’t be that bad. It would be awesome to own the LCD television. Make excellent for me to watch the sport that comes with CC while I’m at game than rather have bring interpreter or someone who can interpret for you. I know it’s not 100% of what you’re actual in game that speaker make announcement that may not appear on television.

It’s good while in big city travel, usually 30 minutes to a hour of boredom. Let’s kill the boredom. Just ignore the mobile phone, unless you have important conversation or entertainment chat through it.

Pity, there is no television less than 13” with CC has existed anywhere. Just fancy portable television LCD for everybody but not us, the deaf. What’s your thought, I wonder?

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  • Actually, I’ve kept my eye out for a portable TV with cc from time to time in hopes a company decided to be proactive. I’d also like to find portable DVD players with cc, too. Not all DVDs come with subtitles (meaning you can watch cc without having cc built-in).

    I vote, “Aye!”

  • Do PSP’s and IPods support captioning?

  • PSP use UMD (small disc) only to watch movie with subtitle, some are SDH and some aren’t. For iPod, there are new lately iPod with CC on only movies available from iTunes what there have. So far, there are more 50 movies available. To make easy search movie with CC here is link…

  • Judy Oliver

    I believe that the new Sony personal portable LCD TV (11″ diagonal screen size) will have CC capability. I think it’s a definite necessity and I hope the idea catches on with other TV manufacturers.

    See webpage specs and photos here:

  • Yike! It’s not LCD TV. You’re talk about OLED TV which is much expensive and it sure look like if it’s for home. At least, I know there is less 13″ with CC. Thank, Judy.

  • Jim House

    I was at the NAB last week in Vegas – one exhibitor was demonstrating captions on an I-Phone.

  • iPods also support captioned podcasts.