Sam the Deaf

Good morning and Good night ASL

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My thought about how to give a great imagine without example on ASL in “Good morning” and “Good night”. Just being cute with you.

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  • LOL, great ideas, put permanent marker on it!

  • Perhaps, color the pictures on your hand? LOL!

    Good idea, tho.

  • Sissy

    good job!

  • PJ

    Or, “scar”ize the hands so everyone will understand better 🙂

  • 100% organic deaf

    what about put tattos on your hand. they never come off.

  • Sam the Bright

    Oh boy, I ain’t get scar or tattoo on my hand. Haha, thank everybody.

    Temporary tattoo ought do that.

  • Violet

    hehehe too cute!!!


    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Hilarious! Great Idea!

  • I love it! This is how I am going to teach my hearing kids to remember day and night!