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Incoming Deaf mob film

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There is new incoming low-budget film called “Conned”, it’s about Deaf Boston robber and fixed the horserace. I find it interesting it’s being involved against the mobs each other. There will be several deaf in the film, which is great. It bring something reality what Hollywood should be. Why… I imagine there is lot of gun to shooting each other.

Think about it.. How can Deaf makes a communicating each other when fire? And even the robbing the bank? Boy, that’s well challenge to deal with it. I’m looking forward to see the whole film when it release in theatre or on DVD.

conned01 conned02 conned3 conned4 conned5
Check it out on the trailer film!

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  • Candy


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  • illustratorblog

    You're gonna be famous! lol

  • illustratorblog

    You're gonna be famous! lol