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Review: Viable VPAD

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VPAD which I make small preview on few months ago, have been sold only at DeafNation for best price to own one. Viable sell $99 plus tax. I must say I praise that someone have sell videophone equipment for anyone. I have been told about buy own video and it looks well successful that everybody are crazy over it. So, I brought it from DeafNation in Los Angeles area and review VPAD…


  • Easy setup, you hardly need anyone to install for you
  • Able to call anyone through Viable’s screenname
  • Allow you to use any Video Relay Service
  • Great navigator by use touch-screen
  • Out and Input Composit such as DVD player, digital camera, etc.


  • No battery, use only power adapter like normal videophone
  • Power adapter cord is very short
  • Touch-screen doesn’t respond, few miss to command, required to make confirm touch-screen through setup to make better respond
  • No wireless, have to use USB Wi-Fi adapter (Annoying), use only ethernet cable
  • Call person-to-person by use ip-address, if anyone don’t have Viable account or different videophone
  • Setup Preference reset if plug power adapter off (Strange, contact and account are storage only)
  • Composit input show poor quaity video appear – several dark spot

Final thought, don’t waste to buy one if you want be more freedom anywhere at home and travel. Use laptop with build-in wireless network and webcam is the best to have one, if you can afford one. Otherwise, you can get one when you want for another room, or get one for your family to keep in touch.

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  • midwest guy

    well its yours isnt it ?

    paint it other than ugly blue

    sell it on ebay

    whatever.. its YOURS that is a plus isnt it ?

  • In fact, I did think about sell my VPAD to someone who need one. 🙂

  • I believe your words – Viable product is bust.

  • Got it, it sucks royally..touch screen isnt even working, had to use keyboard and used tab button repeatedly to get to Display section and couldn’t even get to adjust button. Even tired mouse to access by pointing and clicking, no luck since it threw my house pointer all over shaking like crazy…

  • deaf swedish

    John Yeh said that he can see the future. Guess, he can not this time. Why can not John Yeh works on Mobile videophone instead of this. Keep in mind abut mobile I am talk abit is small thin handheld that I can have it in my pocket that I am not talk about HOVRS’s mobile. It is crap because it is big and looked so stupid to carry with.

    I do not understand why America is behind on mobile videophone? I used mobile (handheldphone) I can use videophone to call my friend or call an interpreter to make a call for me.

    John Yeh, Try your best. Sell VPAD to the hospitals?

  • At bright side, you don’t need to use fat television (CRT) and videophone combo. Less wire and less strain for eye stain, It’s just one good thing.

    Videophone Mobile would be nice, but problem is the coverage in North America isn’t finish with 3G. That’s why. I’m jealous that Europe are already on 3G zone and able to get.

  • RLM

    I already bought the laptop with intergrated camera built-in last month. I haven’t use the laptop so far.

    I have to practice how to record the videocam or link the cam to the Wi-Fi system for mobile communication.

    Deaf Swedish surely have the great idea for the Viable, Inc to sell the VPAD to hosptials. Why not!!! *chuckles*

    VPADs would be the ############ for culturally deaf hosptial and nursing home patients to keep in touch with their loved ones and friends.

    IBalloon, I would love to learn more about Europe’s 3G zone system which I know it for very first time from you. Thanks for sharing this info with all of us. 🙂

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  • RLM

    I composed ” g r e a t a s s e t s” Guess what? I am being censored by the Nanny Net software program. Jeez!

    I am reading and typing this comment at the business center at my residence.


  • CheckThisOut

    Yeah, I saw VPAD last weekend and thumb down. My friend found this video on youtube and it shows the new MVP from HOVRS. Check this out.

  • Nesmuth

    Vampire pad is gonna stick it’s teeth into your wallet and bleed you dry.

  • RLM, 3G does more than high-speed, allow any city to get better service as home telephone. I thought it had do something with my wordpress after I update. Ha.

    CheckThisOut, yes, I have seen Sneak on VPAD at youtube which is odd that someone stalk and saw equipment.

  • Marquis Montague

    Hello, This is Marquis Montague..I really need to get it from you..Would you please sent me the package of it before June 14th.We will have to travel to Denver, Colorado for assembly of the Meeting..We will have spent to stay there for 4 to 6 days..That’s why I need to use it so very important…Thanks for your help..My Address:
    Mr. Marquis Bob Montague
    xxxx ###############
    ############# xxxxx
    Which is the address I need to sent you the $99.00 with Postal Services of Money Order..Let me know as soonest..
    God blessing everything.


    Marquis Montague

  • Agree….

    Interesting, I got the information about an user who bought the vpad and reported to me about it. He tested a couple of calls and found it very disappointed.

  • Robert

    I’m an alpha/beta (whatever one calls it) tester of the VPAD.

    If not already done, I suggest you to consider taking this approach with your VPAD.

    Settings > Display > Touchscreen Calibration

    When I first got the VPAD I used my index fingernail for better precision in the Touchscreen Calibration. This is what I did based on experience with other kinds of devices having touchscreen capabilities. Likewise for monitor calibrating via mice or key.

    Later, I used my mouse to set up Touchscreen Calibration and realized even better results when using my fingers (or mouse) on VPAD afterwards.

    This just takes a few seconds of your time I think is better spent than probably jumping to conclusions. That’s what I think unless I’m mistaken.

    I think you might need to inquire within as to whether or not you received a firmware update which was key to improving the touchscreen experience.

    Most importantly, you are entitled to your own opinions but you have no credibility if you never gotten your hands on a “competing” device before forming your own judgment about quality and price.

    Best of luck.

  • Robert, I spend few hours of my crazy time to play around on VPAD. It’s STILL annoying to go to touch-screen calibration all the time after turn it off. I do understand I suppose to leave it alone. There is cause and effect when blackout or accident unplug for no reason, I would have to go to setting to redo all over again. So again, that’s annoying. And VPAD’s MRSP is $699 and I see is too expensive than laptop. I do aware it’s beta!

    Marquis Montague, I don’t know you. Sorry, I cannot sell to you. And I censor your information. Please don’t do that again.

  • C

    why u not sell Marquis Montague? not even ebay or amazon? you dumbass! it’s not required to know the “name” just buy/sell..

  • ddd

    I am pretty sure all of the settings are saved. It may be that you got a bad device. It may be that your place is too dry, try rubbing the screen with the black cover that comes in the box for a couple of minutes, it should get rid of most of the static electricity on the screen. If I were you, I would contact them… That is the plus of paying for a product, you can demand support and assistance from them 🙂
    My vp200 broke like 2 months ago… still waiting replacement…

  • Michael

    I would like to know will this device be able to help
    me with a communication between my hearing friends or
    hearing people and me at their homes and places
    without using phone calls to contact them. When I
    bring this device to the home of my hearing friend,
    will we make a conversation together while I contact
    relay service?

    If not, do you know which device that will help me
    with my situation? Thanks.


  • Michael, either you can call to your friend who have any videophone equipment or webcam as long as it go through ip-address to dial.

    ddd, I’m sure it’s not bad device, but it’s only beta and it would have firmware update in future. So, I’m not interest to keep it.

    C, I care someone that I would like to help who need it.

  • I loled

    I have been reading varies technology review outside of Deaf world. I think that you made a harsh comments and reviews on VPAD which is not necessary. I have heard about MVP however Viable has won my loyal and I will be happy enough to use Viable’s products even though they are crap products. I have been using Vision Viable and it is totally kick arse software and cant wait to lay my hand on VPAD! I have heard that Viable did very well at EXPO on last weekend where they sold at about 1,000 units which is very good news for Viable. About 75 percent of visitors, tourists, and others didnt read your review and yet, they still buy VPAD. Viable’s next stop at Omaha, NE this Saturday! Have you seen Viable’s booth at Expo? I think that it looks so awesome and I totally love it!

    Anyway, I saw a clip of Jon Hughes as salesman for HOVRS. I laughed my arse off. I have met him and I know him for quite sometime. Some animal lovers will dont like him because he fled to west from his own dog in DC and unexpectedly, left it to his friend. It is very interesting to see how Jon Hughes has changed his career from Government major at Gallaudet to saleman. Right now, he is doing a very odd job. As long as it keeps himself remain busy daily. He was once loves to party his arse off everyday and wasnt himself until he found a job at HOVRS.

  • Galen

    I think it’s a buggy phone because this is a beta version for people to test it out so they can release a more reliable version. You were a beta tester for that phone.
    The VP-200 was in beta stages before for limited number of people.

  • Erina

    VERY disappointed. I had an opportunity to check it out. You can NOT call any other VRS provider! I thought FCC prohibit from blocking consumers from calling their choice of VRS providers?

  • James Johnson

    You mentioned that you can call any VRS Provider through vPAD, right? How did you do that?

    I could not call CSDVRS, HOVRS, or others via vPAD.

  • ddd

    Just press call, then type the address of any vrs…

  • Jack

    Will it work on both U.S.A and Canada?