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Got Centro and I hate it

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Since you everybody know that I have Treo’s display cracked. I manage my spare time by go to Sprint Repair Center. They told that they cannot repair the display and offer two option that I could get Centro without any charge and no affect on my current contract. Or I could go to other city, like 30 minutes and get my display repair for 2 days as I couldn’t have in my pocket for a while.

Ehh… my action is to take Centro. Red or pink, customer service asked me. I take red one, frankly, I wish there is black one but they don’t have one.

My first hand on Centro and I test it for couple hours after I sync to my laptop. Yes, I did backup what I have on Treo, since it running Palm OS. How fortunately for me, include all software and important information I have. For few minutes I have play around.

My reply…. I HATE IT!

Why? Glad you ask…

Instant Message
Centro’s IM already in there and it sucks because of limited buddy listing. I switch to my favorite Mundu and it didn’t work. So, I found new update Mundu 4.1 which function well on Centro. It allow me to send picture through AIM or Yahoo which is awesome.

I use ChatterEmail which I can get push e-mail like blackberry which is cool. Althought, I’m sad to know I couldn’t see LED flashing to let me know if I have new incoming message. I tried to set as pop-up to show i have new message. No, it show un-function as I couldn’t get in message or either turn it off. Text size doesn’t allow me to custom the way I like to read. The header where e-mail and subject go in the box, it appear none as it make me feel awkward to read like if something is wrong with my eye and brain.
UPDATE: Someone poke my shoulder, there is new ChatterEmail update that fix correct for Centro. I downloaded and it works so well, except the LED signaler that doesn’t flash but instead still LED on until I check it. It will turn off. That little weird but it’s okay for now.

The vibrating signaler is kinda weak when I put Centro in my pocket. Sure, it’s nice to have small device to feel more comfortable among to my hip. Unfortunately, I am miss some incoming message on time. For sake, I’m deaf!

The keyboard are so tiny, and it’s kind difficult for me to typing. The more I typing, it becomes little sore on my tip of thumb between nail and fresh. I guess I probably have to take time to get usually with tiny keyboard.

Centro have built-in 64 MB storage unlike Treo, which it have 128 MB, that’s double different. Of course, it have slot for memory card to add more. Unfortunately, Centro accept only micro-SD instead regular SD. That mean, I couldn’t use my digital camera’s SD to put in Centro and send some picture to friend or family. That’s really sucks.

Gawd! I want my Treo back! I think I’ll come back on Thursday to Sprint Repair Center to see if they have Treo 755p available. I recall one customer SVC staff said they won’t have Treo until 2 days later. So, hopefully, I can get new Treo. Or I could learn to love Centro. *gagging*

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  • Lisa C.

    Thank you for the info about Centro. Have fun.

  • awesome I’m really tickeled to see all the comments here! I love my centro. But there are a few things I am frustrated with. Now I know what to do to get IM working, thanks to you guys! Qwerty board is small but after having it for two months I’m proficient at typing it fast! Vibrate works ok for me. Umm.. it’s not like up to the min when getting emails but it’s better than nothing. There are set ups where you can make the LED show up when something comes in. You need to play around with a lot of settings. I found I can take pictures/videos, sync to my palm desktop and then save it to my hard drive in my pics or whatever and use it to send email from my desktop. Mundu didn’t work for me so I will try the update and if that doesn’t work I will try the chatterbox. Palm Centro is fairly new and I think it’s neat to find more people that are using it. Awesome!