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Which better Weather App for WebOS?

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I have download both application for my Palm Pre and play around on both weather app: AccuWeather and The Weather Channel. I find it both con and pro for both. I like and I wish it had what other has one.

For example, the first panel, you can see well friendly for AccuWeather include 5-days forcast. However, the second panel of The Weather Channel is far better, it comes with animation where the rain would move. So, I decide to keep both applications to keep on my phone.

AccuWeather The Weather Channel

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  • AccuWeather is better.

  • If you have Weatherbug app, try it! I use it as primarily for my Android phone.

    I like it because it shows temperature on top of taskbar plus more if you press icon for variety features like forecast, radar, etc.

  • Geez! Its free at Android…

    Why don’t you give it a test? Do they have free-trial app for it?

    If not, they should have 24 hours full refund if you don’t like it.