Sam the Deaf

My Treo 700p cracked!

Computer, Holy Smoke!

I don’t know what happen to my Treo’s display. It cracked. No worry, everything is function but the touch screen isn’t, I check. It’s my sad day, I couldn’t touch as short-cute. Some area from the display, I have hard time to read.

Good thing, I have insurance cover from my carrier service. Shall see what happen when I sent to the repair center. I’m think about get Nokia E70, if I can afford it.

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  • Lisa C.

    Let me know if you got it fixed or replaced.

    Good luck.

  • Since you took picture of it in your car, do you usually leave your Treo in the car in direct sunlight?
    Sunrays can break anything plastic.

  • Ah, I didn’t explain clear, dork girl. I just got Treo out of my pocket and saw the display cracked. Obviously, I have must hit in hip level somewhere toward table while at work. Really sucks.

    Oh lord, I wouldn’t leave precise mobile phone in car.

  • Gnarlydorkette, Sam is lying about leaving his Treo in his car as usual. But I am just kidding about that. He usually take it with him but I saw his first facial expression when he saw the crack on his Treo while rode with him. I was like snickered at him in my mind.

    Sam, Hope ya find a store to replace it somehow.